Valiant Armoury ATrim vs Tinker Pearce Longsword Comparison

Valiant Armoury ATrim Sword vs Tinker Pearce are both contenders for the best high performance, low cost long sword on the market today.

Both have been engineered by legends of the industry, and both have a reputation as best of breed. 

So which one is the best? Both of these swords have been extensively reviewed and tested by SBG members, you can read a review of the Tinker Peace Long Sword - and the Valiant Armoury Long sword here, and while the Valiant Practical Longsword got 5/5 stars and the Tinker Pearce 4/5, you'be be forgiven for thinking that the Valiant Armory Longsword wins hands down..

But as with all things, it's never quite that simple..

To be able to make the best decision possible, you need to compare them side by side.. So let's try to cut through it all the confusion and get another opinion, that of Veteran SBG reviewer and old school forumite, the legendary RicWilly..!

Ric's Side by Side Testing Vids!

I've had the Valiant Armoury "Atrim" longsword for some time now and just recently recieved the Hanwei Tinker longsword. I always wanted to compare the two and now I have the chance.

Here are some stats

Valiant Atrim:

Overall length: 45 1/2in

Blade: 36in

Grip: 7in

Weight: 3lbs

Pob: 6 3/4 in.

Best Price: $239

Hanwei Tinker:

Overall length: 47in

Blade: 35in

Grip: 9in

Weight a bit under: 3lbs

Pob: 4 1/2in.

Best Price: $279

VIDEO: The Valiant Armory Long Sword

VIDEO: The Tinker Pearce Long Sword

As can be seen the Valiant Armoury Longsword cut better and the Hanwei Tinker was the better thruster no surprise there. Still, they both are adequate cutters and thrusters though the VA handled the tatami better.

To be fair I sharpened the Hanwei Tinker a bit but the edge on the VA is still just a little sharper..

I had more experience with the Valiant Armoury also and haven't cut much tatami.

The Hanwei Tinker felt quicker in hand and seemed even more lighter than the scale presented it to be. I attribute this to the closer POB (Point of Balance).

These are both fine swords and a good value I'd say.

- RicWilly

So there you have it, according to Ric the Valiant Armory cuts better but the Tinker Longsword seems better balanced and is a better thruster.

Having owned both swords myself, I would also suggest the same thing - but add that, at least in my opinion, the Valiant Long Sword LOOKS more attractive..

Overall though, it comes down to personal preference, current pricing - and availability..

I hope this side by side Review was helpful. To return to Affordable Replicas of Medieval Swords from Valiant Armoury ATrim vs Tinker Pearce Longsword Comparison, click here

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