As you know, I don’t send out emails to my customer lists very often. But this time, the potential deal I can offer you is so good, I just had to write and tell you...

A few months ago I became a reseller of a selection of Hanwei Forges Katana – namely their range of new partner exclusive performance Katana like the XL Light and the PPK Elite (which of course, I make available at the lowest price the partnership agreement will let me, and top that off with free shipping in the US).

Anyway, I’ve been receiving the occasional email from Hanwei where they offer 2-3 products at reduced wholesale prices for a limited period, mostly so that regular merchants can stock up on some cool items at a reduced rate.

But as they ship on my behalf from their Tennessee warehouse – I have decided that if the selection is a good one (i.e. products that I would buy myself), then I’ll sometimes be offering them at BELOW REGULAR WHOLESALE pricing to my loyal previous customer base (and this offer is ONLY going out to those people who signed up for the store mailing list).

So here’s the deal:

Until the 31st of January 2008 you can get the three items listed on a special hidden page of the SBG Sword Store with a whopping 50% discount of the MSRP! As you may know, this is BELOW their best wholesale prices, and while I am going to be lucky to break even on this deal (after absorbing shipping fees, paypal costs, etc) – this really is a great one off opportunity.

The first two items are high level Tanto – including the Folded Tiger Tanto which is normally US$749, though I have seen it for US$449 + shipping elsewhere. However, with the 50% discount, you can pick it up for the below wholesale cost of $374.50 SHIPPED.

The second Tanto is the Kami Tanto, Hanwei’s highest level blade – made Swedish Powder Steel, the highest quality same, gold plated fittings – and well, just the most beautiful Tanto you can imagine... The price is normally $1050, but you can get it for US$525 shipped – a price you will simply NEVER see this blade again for...

And the third item is one of my favourites – their famous wall display featuring 6 blades all showing various stages of the forging process. This has a MSRP of $629, and the best price I have seen on it is $440, which doesn’t include (rather hefty) shipping fees. But if you are in the US, you can have this 10lb beast of a display shipped to your door for just US$314.50!!

Hanwei Display

Anyway, the secret page featuring these beautiful blades is here – and to be able to access the 50% discount – simply use the coupon code:


In the checkout (three words, in capitals – just as shown above – it will show the deduction before you commit to the order of course).

And just because I am in a generous mood now – here’s another Hanwei coupon code you can use. Enter the code SBG in the checkout and you can deduct 10% off all the other Hanwei Katana available there.

Everything is in stock and good to go. And to be honest, I am slightly worried about this offer as I am definitely not guaranteed to break even. But, I really do want to find a special way of saying thank you for being a SBG customer in the past, and as it is something I would love to be offered myself – I am proud to do so...

Until next time, take care and any questions just drop me a line.

Kindest Regards,

Paul Southren

P.S. The coupon codes expire after the 31st of January, and after this time I simply won’t be able to get access to these special wholesale prices to be able to do this. So if you see anything you like there, snap it up! After the 31st, it just cannot physically be repeated...