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Sword Buyers Digest April 2007 - earlybird special
March 31, 2007

I thought I'd send the digest out a day earlier that usual, simply because ANYTHING sent on the 1st of April is kind of suspect... ;-)

And if you read what I was about to say on the 1st, you'd probably think I was pulling your leg and not bother to check it out (and THAT would be quite a shame indeed!).

Anyway, I have something very special for you in this issue...

The sword buyers digest has gone hi-tech!

This issue has been compiled in an 'acroflip' format. In other words, it is like a virtual magazine with flippable pages!

While the print looks small at first, if you click once or twice on the page it will zoom in or out (give it a few seconds to load and focus). And to turn the page, you can 'lift' the corners and flip them with a single click of the mouse like a 'real' magazine...!

It's pretty user friendly and intuitive and quite a bit of fun to use. But what's more, the overall download time is A LOT quicker than a pdf, meaning that this 16 page issue is available several times faster than ever before.

Anyway, enough talking about it! This issue is jam packed, so it's time to check it out first hand...

Click here to download the April 2007 Edition

Enjoy, I'll see you inside!

- Paul

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