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Sword Buyers Digest - August 2012
August 01, 2012

Paul Southren This issue is another one of those ‘Digest lite’ editions – mostly because the timing of our much anticipated Project X prototypes wasn’t quite right (there are a fair few shipping delays industry wide at the moment) and as such, we were kind of caught with a lot less material than what we intended to write about!

But never fear, the digest goes out year round like clockwork – and I hope you’ll find there’s still a few interesting bits and pieces for your perusing pleasure.


1. From the Desk of Paul Southren
2. Best Forum Posts
3. Video of the Month: Flubbed cut in Japan
4. Bargain Hunters and Clearout Specials


July was a pretty busy month – both with preparations for Project X, taking orders for batch 20 of the SBG custom Katana and coordinating the ongoing shipment of batch 19, but we also found a bit of time for some fun on our facebook page, with quite a few interesting links and news that I have dug up during the month with my favourite article being the Evangelion replica blades made by Japanese master smiths to revive interest in the traditional crafts among young people in Japan:

Real Evangelion Blade

But there was also a lot of other interesting bits and pieces there, so be sure to check it out even if you are not a facebook fan.

SBG’s facebook page

However as I mentioned in the intro, the biggest news for August of course is the official launch of Project X as mentioned in the July edition of the digest. If you didn’t catch it last issue, you can read all about it on our new official Project X page here – but in a nutshell we are waiting on customs to clear the swords so we can take photos of and inspect the prototypes.

We actually thought that they would be in last week, but they are still in transit and didn’t make it in time for the digest which is a bit of a shame really. But these things happen, so instead if you have been curious about this project and want to get in on the first pristine lot of blades be sure you are signed up to the notification list accordingly.

Finn and Fuller


Even highly trained experts have their off days. I’ve seen the exact same thing at an exhibition myself – sword not held tightly enough for cutting, people too close and in the arc of the cut and well, you have a recipe for potential disaster.

Luckily in both cases, disaster was averted. But in this video, the young gent standing in the arc of the swing was DOUBLY lucky, he was too busy talking to the lady next to him and not watching what was going on so could not take evasive action quickly enough. But he was especially lucky that the edge of the sword was not facing him when it hit…

Youtube vid of the Month

YouTube Video of the Month

If it can happen to an expert, you had better believe it can happen to you. So stay safe guys, keep alert when someone else is cutting and stay out of the arc of a cut at ALL times..

Hope you enjoyed this slightly lightweight version of the digest! Hopefully next month’s will be a little juicier! Until then, happy swordening!

Paul Southren

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