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Sword Buyers Digest - June 2012
June 01, 2012

Paul Southren You know the old saying, “I need a vacation after all the catching up after my holiday”..

Well, while it’s not 100% accurate in this case – because I had a great trip and my batteries are nicely refreshed, the ‘leakage’ and catch up going on means that the time to put this issue of the digest has been a bit tight. But don’t worry, even though it’s a slightly lightweight issue – I still hope that you’ll find something of interest in it..


1. From the Desk of Paul Southren
2. Best Forum Posts
3. Video of the Month: JSA (Jedi Sword Arts?)
4. Bargain Hunters and Clearout Specials


As any of you who may have happened upon or have been following the SBG Sword Store blog, I took a bit of a trip back to Australia in May from the 14th to the 25th of May. It was a fantastic trip – I got to spend some time with my Australian friends and family, as well as my old dog Kimba (who’s 11 years old now!).


She’s getting old, but still loves the beach!

If I had time I would have added this photo to my personal facebook page (it doesn’t get used much because I’m too busy and feel a bit embarrassed putting up all my personal pics, etc).

But the real reason I mention facebook is because SBG’s facebook page has been revamped (not my personal page, which remains the same as ever)..

SBG Facebook

Probably most of you didn’t know SBG even HAD a facebook page. And that is because, for years I have resisted it..

The name ‘facebook’ itself actually kind of irritated me to be honest, but a few years ago I rather reluctantly made a personal page after some friends wanted to contact me on it. And over a looong period of time it slowly started to grow on me (and I mean SLOWLY, but after a few long lost friends found me on it, I kind of changed my opinion and could swallow the silly name)..

Anyway, to try and cut a long, rambling story short (try) – I’ve decided that I’d like to give facebook a go as the main portal for communicating with SBG site visitors.

So to try it out properly, we have added a facebook feed to the main site here – and I think it will be a great way to interact more with everyone and also share some cool tidbits I come upon. Plus the second stage, that of allowing facebook comments to be posted on selected pages, is also about to start early this month – so I’m really looking forward to getting the SBG community who are already facebook members to send us a ‘like’ and get involved!

Hopefully one of the next major things I will be posting about will be the relaunch of our sister site, something that has stalled (and continues to stall!) for a few months now, but it is being done – it’s just proving a tad more complicated that I first thought..!

More on this (and a lot more) coming soon – but in the meantime, all facebook users, head on over to our facebook page and send us a ‘like’!

Finn and Fuller


Ok, some of you are probably going to think this is a bit lame… Or at worst, even disrespectful to the Japanese sword arts – but while a bit irreverent and tongue in check perhaps, it’s a video worth watching for several reasons..

Namely, it’s cool, it has some very clear examples of how a Katana was used historically and it has – lightsabers. Yup, lightsabers..

Need I say more?

Youtube vid of the Month

YouTube Video of the Month

Sure, some purists will not like it – but for those of you who love the arts but have corrupted attention spans (and that includes me), it’s pure gold.


SBG Sword Store

Last month I thought that Darksword Armory had outdone themselves with the WitchKing Sword - but my friend Eyal had been keeping a secret from me..

He alluded to it several times in our conversations, but I only just found out about excalibaly, oops, I mean exactly what sword it was a few days ago – and as my shockingly blatant pun eludes to, it is none other than a replica of the 1981 Excalibur sword by John Boorman..!


This really has broken the Excalibur ‘dry spell’ – a recent post by Clyde Hollis revealed that he is bringing back the original Gen2/Legacy Arms Excalibur – and now with this one, this is a golden (or brassen as the case may be) opportunity to get one of these swords while you can.

Only 20 of the total 500 swords to be made are around at the moment (the first 30 have already been sold) so don’t hang around on this – the price on one of these at DSA is actually $530 plus taxes and shipping, but we are offering it for $494.99 with free shipping in Canada and the USA. Plus, as an added bonus, if you use the coupon code:


(all capitals) – you will get an additional 5% discount from now until the 10th of June, so get it while you can.

Click here for the Excalibur at the SBG Sword Store

(and apologies for the hideous puns).

Well, that’s it for this issue – see you next month (it should be a big issue I think)! Until then as always, happy swordening!

Paul Southren

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