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Sword Buyers Digest May 2007
May 01, 2007

I have to warn you - this edition of the sword buyers digest is ABSOLUTELY HUGE!

It seems that each issue just keeps on getting bigger and better, with the May Edition now up to a whopping 20 pages of exclusive content including the usual mix of news, reviews, interviews, videos and all the usual stuff you have come to enjoy..!

Anyway, this issue is so jam packed to list everything that is in there would eat into valuable digest 'digestion' time. ;-)

The only real change is that to make sure EVERYONE who wants to can read it, you now have the choice of either the new flippage acroflip virtual magazine format (generally faster loading and 'cooler'!) or as a downloadable 'traditional' pdf, the choice is yours! :-)

Click here to download in Acroflip Virtual Magazine Format

And for PDF die hards, you can download your copy here

Have fun, and see you in there!

- Paul

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