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Sword Buyers Digest, Issue #003 - Major Overhaul at SBG
February 01, 2006

There are about to be some pretty major changes imminent at SBG...

In fact, the whole site is set for a complete overhaul to be completed within the next month or two...!

Some of the changes are basically cosmetic and structural.

For example, I am planning a general improvement in the flow and readability of the major pages, turning them more into a general overview - with specific reviews and further info available in more detail on another (linked) page.

Other changes include more comparisons to the historical original swords that most modern replicas are based on.

This wasn't something I was intending to do when I first created my site, as I am primarily interested in a swords handling, structural durability and cutting power - but it has become apparent that I should be spending a little more time comparing the swords I review to the historical originals, and providing links to further resources if anyone is interested in taking the historical angle further.

But the third change I hope will make bigger, better and more relevant to YOU!

Because from now on not only will I be hunting out the very best place to buy any given sub-$300 sword for the absolute cheapest price on the internet, but I've also just been negotiating with several well respected heavy hitters in the sword industry to get you discounts from 12% to 15% less than the current market prices without sacrificing customer service and reliability!

Because of the overhaul, I am going to be keeping this issue a lot shorter than usual because:

a) I am (as you can guess) running a bit short on time and
b) All the really cool exciting stuff is waiting for you in this months edition of the members lounge!


This months edition of the members lounge has a very candid, detailed and insightful interview from a man whose personal mission is to produce the best quality functional Japanese style swords at the lowest price possible - Mr. Paul Chen from Cheness Cutlery.

Plus, I'll also be giving you an early-bird opportunity to snap up some of those 12 to 15% discounts that I've negotiated, RIGHT NOW!

I'll see you in the lounge!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to all these new goings on, I won't be sending out any more regular newsletters until the site overhaul is complete, though I'll keep you updated on any major changes that I think will be of interest.

In the meantime though - if you wanna know what's going on behind the scenes at SBG, I've created a special blog here for this purpose which I'll be updating on an almost daily basis.

One last thing, if you've got any suggestions for the overhaul - drop me a line at (or just simply reply to this newsletter!) - I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Anyway, until then I'll see you in the lounge! Stay safe, and have fun with swords! :-)


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