A refreshing surprise.

by Chris Sunryder
(Sycamore IL)


This was my first purchase and experience with Swords of Might. To be honest, I was reading about the site at Sword Buyers Guide online by Paul Southeron and that site has never steered me wrong.
The Musashi katana caught my eye at SGB.com so I decided to check it out and take a chance.
I ended up calling in on 8/16 as I was having a slight issue with the site and had the opportunity to speak with Angie Knoll who advised me that she was the Customer Service supervisor. My experience with Angie was fantastic. She was very courteous, warm, friendly and funny. We got along great and not only did she offer to take my order via the phone, she also advised me about a coupon that I was not aware of but was able to take advantage of. So my order was placed, I thanked Angie and was on my way.
Fast forward to today and after no luck in contacting SoM yesterday I was able to get thru today and ended up speaking to Angie again. She remembered me (being in retail management, I ALWAYS notice that) and she both apologized for the lack of contact yesterday (apparently several ordeals with USPS were transpiring and Angie's talents were required for the better part of the day) and she assured me that my order did in fact ship out before I was expecting it to. The first half of my order had arrived but not the second and no email was forthcoming, hence my phone call. Angie was able to provide a tracking number for me and sent the missing email manually.
Again, Angie was wonderful and especially helpful. She gave no excuses about yesterday and did not attempt to pass the buck (which so often happens when a bad experience happens with an online company). I respected that response intensely and thanked her for her honesty and candor. So I give the entire a experience a 9 out of 10 and the ONLY reason I do not give it a 10 is that I was not especially happy with the apparent 5-6 day handling time for my item even though I paid for priority shipping. But it was explained the reason behind this (warehouse and shipping center issues) so I accepted it. There are also several IT/tech issues that need to be addresses in regards to automated emails and order confirmations apparently. If, as a company, you are able to stream line that part of the order process and have Angie train all your future and present customer service associates, you will have a recipe for success.
Massive kudos to Ms. Knoll for her efforts and how she was able to help me. I commend her and hope that the powers that be do so as well. She is a tremendous asset to your company and I stand by that.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Kindest regards,

Chris Sunryder

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