Buying my 1st BEATER =D dont want to spend too much

by Adam Stever
(Sebastopol, CA, USA)

ANSWER: I'm looking for a functional beater for under $150. Does not have to cut through steel or trees but I wouldnt want it to give away with light cutting. I like the katana style but beauty is definatelly not a req. Machetes seem to sound like they would be a perfect fit... but they just arent cool enough for me. Something enjoyable to swing, easy to take care of, and stands up to some fun (safe fun of course) is what im looking for. I've been looking at musashi katanas in the price range of 49.99-69.99 but cannot decide on one. Medieval swords catch my eye too, but mainly ones able to be weilded with two hands. I hope you can help me find something that fits my interests and price range. Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Adam,

Machetes are indeed not a bad idea and have been covered here on SBG and can be a lot of fun (though watch your fingers, without a hand guard they can be quite dangerous).

Otherwise, I think you are on the right track with Musashi. Some Windlass swords are also very good for this and you can pick them up for around the price range you are looking at (a target="_blank" href="">click here for some recommendations).

There are some good swords in this price range, though many more in the $150-$300 price range.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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$150 is kinda an odd category...
by: Caleb

For Asian swords, Musashi is probably the pool you'll be looking in. That's mainly because everybody else is more-or-less in t' ~$300 pool, while Musashi and Masahiro are the only reputable ones going less than that. Forget Masahiro, however, as they have shown to be too unpredictable to secure good buys (or so I've been consistently reading from sources). The $150 category is an odd one, because at such a low end (no offence implied), makers seem to be targetting ~$100 instead, so if you want something better than the ~$100 stuff, expect to jump QUITE A BIT higher.

For European swords--not my area of expertise--i believe that many ARE ~$250-$300, and for these as well as the more economical ones, you have to remember to check as quite a few of them either has no edge, is not quite tough enough, or both. IMHO, Masahiro seems to be the best (only) match that satisfies the majority of your requests

Quick correction
by: SlayerofDarkness

I think Caleb means MUSASHI is the only good choice. He got mixed up for a minute...(no offense, Caleb. It happens to the best of them. Mistakes are commonplace, guys with your level of {apparant} knowledge are not.)

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