Fantastic Customer Service

by Michael MacConn
(Everett, WA) is an excellent source for the brands listed. Cold Steel, Musashi, Masahiro, etc. I have purchased several swords and other items from them and (considering the prices) gotten excellent quality products. Not everything was perfect, but when I did have an issue, they got back to me quickly and took care of the issues quickly and without any hassle.

Most of the issues were not with TrueSwords themselves, except for a snafu with sending me the wrong item once, but rather with the overall quality of the products. That's not to say they were bad, just that sometimes there are certain little anomalies in inexpensive products that you kinda have to expect. Little blade imperfections, small spots of wood filler in my natural shirasaya saya & tsuba, stuff like that. Again, not the fault of TrueSwords as they don't open every item for inspection before shipping it. I have since learned however, that you CAN ask them to inspect your items before sending them and they will and you will get better items with less minor issues.

In the end, the product is the product but their customer service is without peer.

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