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by Dustin
(Orlando, FL)

I bought myself a musashi 1060 High Carbon Dragon Katana from them for my Birthday, As many Flea Market Shoppers I have broken many SLO's (Sword Like Objects) not knowing much about swords until I read about steel on SBG, so I went to and got my first REAL sword, at the price I got it for I was absolutely skeptical about the quality, but when I got it and opened it I was floored at how beautiful it was, then came the cutting test, usually even if a sword is stainless steel it will still go right thru a water bottle or 2, but if u hit anything hard at all it would snap and no more sword :( now with this sword the trash can I use as a platform that has broken many swords by a miss that hit the trash can, now if I mess trash can is the one sliced up lol needless to say I'm happy lol, and when they say it comes sharp, IT COMES RAZOR A** SHARP!!! I was just wiping the water off my katana and accidently turned my wrist ever slightly and almost lost the tip of my finger!

I'm a martial artist so that's all I needed I was hooked and went back to the site and ordered a new stand, some concealable knives, 2 huge Kunai and the Delux spiked barbarian club, but the club came in with the finish on the wood slightly scratched and the top ring of spikes was too big for the club and would just fall right off!

Now here's where the service is amazing, I managed to makeshift a spacer and gurilla glued it back to the club, so it's completly functional and scary at that, I'd hate to be the dude who breaks into my house and want's to hurt my babies!

So I emailed them explaining what happened and how it was damaged, so to make it up to me they asked me if I either wanted a credit back AND I COULD KEEP THE CLUB! or they would send me something with free shipping if I wanted, So I explained that the $10 credit was good for about 2 throwing stars and since I was having newbie hard times with the 4 point stars I wanted to get some 6 pointers to make it a lil easier till I got use to them and could make the 4 point stars stick.

So what they did was they are now mailing me a set of 4 throwing stars with a tactial pouch and free shipping.

Needless to say I am now a true swords addict.

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