No engraving and no refund?

by Jason Riggs
(Temple, TX)

I purchased a knife from this company and requested to have initials engraved on it. I received a knife without the engraving, although I was charged for it. Since the knife was a birthday gift and an exchange would probably not arrive in time, I had the engraving done locally. When I contacted the company to ask for a refund they said they could not refund the cost of the engraving without proof that the blade arrived without it. I offered to send them a copy of my receipt from the engraving company and I was told that was not sufficient proof. So apparently they believe I either paid to have the blade engraved with the same initials that were already on it, or I went to tremendous trouble to forge a receipt in order to cheat them out of five whole dollars. Either way, it is ridiculous. Poor customer service and poor quality control. Beware.

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One final idea to try..
by: Paul

One idea to consider would be to also send them a photo of the item with the engravers receipt - that way they can see the knife you ordered, compare it to THEIR engraving service (as it should look different) and make a fair decision.

True enough, they probably should have refunded you as a courtesy, hopefully you can get this resolved. If not, please keep us updated.

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