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Sword Buyers Digest, Issue #001
December 01, 2005

A hearty welcome to the first issue of the Sword Buyers Digest - "The Monthly Cutting Edge Newsletter for all Serious Sword Enthusiasts!"

It's great to have you onboard!

This first issue's a biggun - we have special deals for SBG visitors, site news and updates, cool forum posts, vid of the month AND (drumroll) your password into the exclusive members lounge a secret password protected page of my site where you can access the ebook library, read interviews with sword manufacturers, vendors and notable enthusiasts - and lots of other cool features - with access restricted only to Sword-Buyers-Digest subscribers. :)

So without any further ado - make yourself comfortable, grab the beverage of your choice and enjoy this issue of the Sword-Buyers-Digest!


Right now my favorite sword sellers, Arms of Valor, are offering a special 10% Christmas discount off the entire range of the very cool swords produced by Generation 2!

Add to this the 5% discount if you mention my site (just put the initials of my site - SBG - in brackets next to your name in the checkout when you order) and you'll save a whopping 15% discount off all of the Gen2 swords!

This means that you can now pick up some of my favorite swords of all time like the Roman Wasp Waisted Gladius for just $153 (normally $180) and the Historical Black Prince is going for just $200.15 (normally $239).

So if you've been putting off getting one of these mean fully functional replicas, you won't want to miss out on this - stock is limited and at these prices I've been assured that they are gonna go FAST!


November saw the addition of 3 new reviews to SBG: the combined review of my latest Generation 2 Medieval Swords - the Historical Black Prince & the Maximilian sword as well as a visitors review of the Cold Steel Scottish Broad Sword.

If you haven't read them already check 'em out, because I think I may have just found myself my favorite Medieval Replica Longsword...


The Infamous home shoppers stainless steel clip (funny)

Maybe I'm just sadistic. But here's a clip of what happens when an unscrupulous sword seller tries to demonstrate the strength of a stainless steel "katana" by banging it on the table - and gives a whole new meaning to the words "lifetime guarantee" (Ow!).


Miyamoto Musashi - the man, the myths and that wooden oar...

Speaking of wooden swords - how about an Acrylic bokken? Make up your own mind on this one...

"Funny stuff" on lord of the rings...

There's only one thing worse than being talked about...

Recently I stumbled upon the guys at talking about my site (and not necessarily in a good way, at least at first) and decided to give my take on it. At the end of it, they were very friendly - I'll have to visit them again some time soon, but it didn't start out that way... :(

See the thread for yourself here.


Decembers password to the exclusive Members Lounge is: welcome

In this month's edition of the members lounge you'll find a link to my ebook "library" where there are 2 new PDF ebooks for you to download and enjoy, the first being "Basic Sword Care and Maintenance 101" and also "How to Select Your First REAL Medieval Longsword".

Actually, there was going to be a third all about test cutting, but just as I was adding the finishing touches to this ebook my mouse stopped working, I had to reset my computer, and somehow in the process the entire draft of the test cutting ebook was lost! (grrr)

On the positive side, since this nasty little mouse had been playing up for a while now, and the e-book lost was all about test cutting - well, maybe you can guess what happened next (grin!)

You'll also find my interview with the lads at AoV to peruse at your leisure, plus a few other cool bits and pieces.

Anyway, I'll see you in the lounge! Until next time, stay safe and have fun with swords! ;)

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