Is Ritter Steel a good company?

by Ryan Goeing

QUESTION: I'm thinking of buying a rosewood shirasaya & wakizashi made by Ritter Steel. I believe it's an American company however they say their swords are hand made.

I found the sword on a web site called "thesteelsource" The sword will be mostly display, however I would like to know that I could use it for cutting if I wish. If not I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction, and not towards the musashi rosewood shirasaya.

ANSWER: Hi Ryan,

The jury is out on Rittersteel - mostly because they really are not so popular...

The swords are actually made in the Philippines, and tend to be very big and heavy. I have tried emailing Rittersteel before and so have some guys I know to find out more about them, but there has never been any response.

As to other recommendations, it really depends on what you are looking for and your budget. The Musashi one is the best IMHO...


- Paul

Comments for Is Ritter Steel a good company?

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about rittersteel....
by: dragonHawk


I'd like to add that I have had the unpleasent misfortune to handle some rittersteel swords. They are thick, to heavey either in the tip or handle, and are plain ugly IMO. I'v had a couple come into my shop for maintance/repairs, and some seem built decently, and others feel like cheap fleamarket junk. Knights Edge is the only place I have seen selling this brand. I'd stay away from them and look elseware for a blade.


by: ronin

I was one of the lucky custemers of ritter steel, that was so wonderfuly ripped off because they decided to tell me at the last secound that my order would take another six weeks added on to the six weeks that I had already waited. Here's some advice to any one buying a sword or dagger or katana from ritter steel, don't buy it from them. You can go to other stores localy and see your options, instead of buying from these liars. good luck friend,

what about ...
by: Anonymous sells some ritter steel products. I was thinking about buying a celtic flame dagger , though after reading this i'm not sure.
It just seems that reputable dealer like kultofathena wouldn't carry their products if they are really that bad.
i dont know. im still deciding .
Problem is there is no other reputable site that sells this dagger.
Anyway, for katanas, shirasayas, etc.. definitely Musashi is the best for the low price.

Ritter Steel
by: Atamisc

A while ago i baught a ritter steel "soul of Samurai wakizashi. for the smaller of the two "soul of Samurai" set, it weighed more than it should have and was heavy toward the tip. It was sharp, and still is, but when i used it to cut through some corn stalks in place of tatami, the blade became slightly bent, as if it could not hold up to the stress of a bundle of three corn stalks. I would say it looks nice as a decorative piece with it's ebony and brass handle, but for functionality, i would have to rate it maybe a 1 1/2 stars out of five.

p.s. it says in the Knights Edge magazine that i baught the sword from that the sword is hand forged carbon steel, but it was plain to see that it was machine made with the defined grooves from a press roller or orther machinery. i would say there isn't the full truth in advertising either.


Not bad
by: Avery

I bought the colada broadsword rapier by them,from Koa,there not bad for the price.its strong,durable,comes moderately sharp,but it's a tad blade heavy.

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