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Not all sellers of swords online were created equal...

At the end of the day, "it all comes down to customer service and price" - but of course the problem when shopping for swords online is that it is often very hard to be able to tell a good seller from a bad one (and unfortunately, there are some rather bad apples out there - after all, this IS the internet).

To save you the hassle of learning the hard way, we have used the feedback of the SBG sword community to sift through all the fly by niters and 'couldn't care less' sellers of swords online to create the Sword Buyers Directory where we list only the very best, tried and tested vendors who specialize in selling affordable fully functional swords online.

Now I'm not saying that if you find sub US$300 swords online elsewhere you are automatically going to get ripped off...

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But if you don't want to take a chance when you source your swords online (after all, a quick read through some of our user submitted Sword Buying Horror Stories shows that there are some real scammers out there) - the SBG sword buyers directory is exactly what the sword doctor ordered..!

Top Recommended Sword Sellers!

The following sellers of swords online have been around for years, have solid reputations and are especially well respected by the sword community for offering the best prices and customer service that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

NO fly by niters here - only the best of the best! It is STRONGLY recommended that if you are new to shopping for swords online you stick to this list.

Kult of Athena

Kult of Athena Customer Feedback

Never mind about the funny name - the reality is that if there was ever a vote for the most popular and most respected seller of swords online by the sword community (especially with members of forums such as MyArmoury, SFI and SBG), there is little doubt in my mind that Kult of Athena would win it...

It's pretty easy to see why they are so popular. Here's a few reasons to start with:

  • Incredibly low prices and margins (they continually check the internet for the best prices of other stores, and then BEAT them)
  • Very quick and honest responses to customer inquiries (they KNOW their products well)
  • Lightning fast at cost shipping (WORLDWIDE)
  • Clear in stock designation (with around 1,500 items in stock and good to go at any given time)
  • A generous 45 day return policy

And that is just getting started... (click here to read more about why KoA are the FIRST choice for most collectors in the know).

When it comes to fully functional replicas of historical swords and weapons, no one else can even come close to their price and selection...

Top 10 Most Popular Sword Categories at KoA

What you see here though is just the tip of the iceberg - as in addition to being arguably the best place to buy swords online, they also stock a massive range of spears, axes, daggers, shields, armor, knick-knacks and petty much EVERYTHING a fan of historical weaponry could ever hope for..


Kult of Athena

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At first glance they look like just about every other stockist of cheap decorative fantasy, anime and movie swords, but they are the place to go for Cold Steel, Masahiro, Ryumon and Musashi Swords, with prices often half that of what you normally pay for these swords online elsewhere!

Aside from the lowest prices for these Japanese swords online, they also have clear in stock designation, exceptionally fast shipping with Fed-ex and their customer service is truly awe inspiring, going far beyond the call of duty.

Apart from the main brands of Japanese swords (which they dominate in terms of price and availability) they also stock a featured range of generic Full Tang swords at bargain basement prices.


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Museum Replicas Limited (MRL)

Museum Replicas Coupon Code and Customer Reviews
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The ORIGINAL mail order company created in the 1970s by the late, great Hank Reinhardt - MRL has ALWAYS had a reputation for the most hassle free customer service in the sword industry, and nothing there has changed..

With a huge and exclusive selection of Windlass Steelcrafts swords (they are the official distributor and now OWNED by Windlass Steelcrafts), costumes, closeouts, new releases and real bargains - they are a MUST visit destination for any sword enthusiast, though medieval sword lovers will probably think they died and went to sword heaven!


Swords of Northshire

While buying swords online direct from China can be fun and allow you access to custom made swords for pennies on the dollar, as anyone who has ever been burned by eBay, Alibaba and can attest, it can be a real crapshoot. Until that is, Swords of Northshire entered the sword scene..

They have access to the same massive inventory of the Chinese sellers, but with their offices based in Texas, for a slightly higher price they take away all the hassles of dealing direct from China (miscommunication, language barriers, false descriptions, returns and more) and allow you access to very specific sword designs from anime, TV, movies, manga and custom Katana that are simply not available anywhere else.

Highly rated for their product selection and commitment to customer service.


Swords of Northshire

Swords of the East

As the name suggests, swords of the East stocks only Eastern (primarily Japanese, though also Chinese and Korean) swords, and they have one of the largest ranges of Japanese swords online, stocking blades from practically EVERY major sword manufacturer.

While their range itself is excellent, they also offer free shipping and competitive pricing - going so far as to beat any of their competitors price by $10! (conditions apply).

With knowledgeable staff, great customer service and good advice on getting the sword to suit YOUR requirements, SoE is definitely well worth a visit from any lover of functional Eastern swords and Weaponry and have something to suit every budget/price point.


Swords of the East

Interview with Swords of The East

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The Official
SBG Sword Store!

SBG Sword Store Customer Feedback

With manufacturer direct deals and many exclusive swords simply not available anywhere else, the SBG sword store should be your first choice for buying swords online.

We make the process of sword buying easy by ONLY stocking the very best of the best fully functional swords with not a wallhanger in sight.. No need to wade through hundreds of dubious swords hoping for the best, at the SBG sword store we have done the hard work of picking out the jewels from the junk for you and clearly stating delivery times, stock levels and everything else you need to know to make the most informed sword buying decisions possible!

Each and every sword is selected by one criteria "if we wouldn't buy it for ourselves, you won't find it here" and backed by a hassle free return policy and lifetime warranty against blade breakage that gives you all the benefits of buying direct from the manufacturer but with us in your corner if something should go wrong..

With old fashioned customer service, free advice and direct access to the owner of SBG by shopping with us not only can you get the best selection of truly battle ready, fully functional swords at the best prices - but each purchase helps to sustain and fund what we do - a true WIN-WIN if there ever was one!

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International Sword Sellers (by Region)

Live outside of the US and looking for a local supplier to service your sword addiction, or just looking for more options? Simply select your region by clicking on the flag that best represents the location you want to check out.

Want to Save on International Shipping?

Alternatively, there is a way to order direct from the best US customers - save on shipping and import duties and get your swords within a few days as if you were living in the USA!

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YOU have seen the good
Now for the Bad and the ugly...

Now these are the good guys, the best sellers of swords online. But what about the other side of the coin? It's not all sunshine and lollipops.. Click here for Visitor Submitted Sword Buying 'Horror Stories' (or submit your own)

I hope this directory of places to buy swords online has been helpful. To return to WARNING: Do Not Buy Swords Online Until You Read This from Sword Buyers Directory: The Best Places to Buy Replica Swords Online, click here.

Buying Swords Online Can Be DANGEROUS!
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