Sword Sellers in Europe

It is no easy task to find decent sword sellers in Europe. At least, not in the sub US$300 price range (or I should say, sub 270 Euro price range!)

The majority of European based sword sites sell their swords at such inflated prices that until 2019 it was usually cheaper to import them in from the US yourself (while much harder to ship swords these days, there are some tips on how to do this after the list)...

However, that said, there are a handful of competitive sellers out there – and you’ll find the best sword sellers in Europe listed below:

Comments: Based in Germany, Battlemerchant.com has a large 1600 square meter warehouse packed with goodies with a wide range of swords at quite reasonable prices. A well organized site makes it easy to narrow down your search to only battle ready, sharp or blunt functional swords.

Absurb Versand
Comments: German based Absurb Versand is an old site that has not been updated in many years, but sells an extensive range of primarily Indian made European styled swords made from tough, but unsharpened, EN45 steel.

Swords and More
Comments: Another German seller, these guys also stock Generation 2, as well as Hanwei & WKC Soligen, have good prices and the site is bilingual (click the little English flag in the top left corner if you are not a native speaker of German). Lots of other fun stuff there, as well as supplies like sageo, tatami mats and (as the name suggests) more...!

Arma Bohemia
Comments: Czechoslovakian based sword maker Arma Bohemia are no reseller, but rather are well known for their high quality, fully functional medieval sword reproductions - both from stock and custom made items created to the customers own design and specifications. Fair prices, fast shipping, good communication and a loyal customer base - what more can you ask for? One of the best sword sellers in Europe.

Del Tin Armi Antiche
Comments: Importing swords into Italy can be tough, but for enthusiasts of medieval swords, you have one of the oldest and most respected right there on your doorstep. Well known for historically accurate looking swords, if somewhat on the heavy, overbuilt side, you can read a whole lot more about this company in the Del Tin entry here in the Sword Manufacturers Database.

Swords 'n More
Comments: German based sword seller Swords 'n More stock a wide range of swords from major brands such as Darksword Armory, Cold Steel, Hanwei and a large selection of generic imported Katana, etc. A very wide range to choose from.

Samurai Shop.de
Comments: Yet another German based sword seller, Samurai Shop specializes in (you guessed it) Japanese style blades from several well known Longquan based sword forges. Prices are very reasonable with almost all swords around or under the 200 euro price point.

Outfit for Events
Comments: Czech based period costumes may be their primary specialty, but this company also stocks a wide range of functional and well tempered medieval and European swords by Windlass Steelcrafts, making them a natural choice as the main Windlass sword sellers in Europe.

And finally...

If none of the above sellers has anything that grabs your fancy, or you wish to take advantage of the massive US market - you may wish to consider using the services of a mail forwarding company as explained on our site here.

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