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There are several good sword forums on the internet, including of course our own SBG Sword Forum (we pride ourselves on being the friendliest sword forum, and have quite a few high profile sword makers and experts who drop in to share their expertise and knowledge).

Let's have a quick look..

SBG Sword Forum

Inside you'll find literally tens of thousands of posts on everything from user reviews to sword training and everything in between, with many knowledgeable and FRIENDLY folk who are willing to answer your every sword related question (at the SBG Sword Forum we take the stance that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked!).

There really is a wealth of additional information here for the taking. And absolute beginners are especially welcome to join! (We DON'T Bite your head off if you ask a question!).


I truly hope you will enjoy your stay on the SBG Sword Forum and come back to visit often! :-)

P.S. If you need to email the moderators about an account or something similar the email address is sbg.moderation.staff AT zoho.com (click the link to email from outlook)

Other Sword Forums

There are a few others out there, quite a few sword stores and manufacturers have one to interact with their hard core fans (dissent and contrary opinions tend not to be very welcome though, as you might expect..) but here are the other "Big Two" that every sword enthusiast should get to know.

Sword Forum International

One of the oldest and most respected, Sword Forum International (SFI) was designed to showcase and discuss the works of various custom sword smiths, but has over the years branched out to encompass ALL types of swords - though with a distinct leaning towards the Japanese Katana. An excellent resource and repository of information.

My Armoury

Primarily dedicated to European Medieval, Renaissance and Post Renaissance swords - My Armoury is much more than just a sword forum... While the swords discussed there tend to be at least two if not three or four times higher than our US$300 budget at SBG, the amount of knowledge is astounding. A must visit site for every European sword enthusiast.

We used to have a link to one more - Netsword, which was an offshoot from both SFI and My Armoury from waaay back when, but was lost when an insurance company decided to use it's domain for insurance spam..!

A terrible waste of info, so always support your favorite sword forum however you can lest all the golden info there is lost..

I hope this information on Sword Forums has been helpful. To return to the SBG Homepage from The SBG Sword Forum click here

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