Sword Manufacturers Dossier

The sword manufacturers we list below are some of the most well know, well respected sword makers that produce the vast majority of functional swords currently on the market.

All listings follow the same basic format - an introduction, the main product lines, information on how they are made, known issues and where to buy them as a minimum.

Use this guide to familiarize yourself with what is available, determine fair prices and get a feel for the good, the bad and the ugly of them all (just click on the sword manufacturers name to get the down and dirty, detailed overview).


Albion Swords

Made via CNC Lathe in the USA, they specialize in high end functional medieval sword replicas with an emphasis on historical accuracy. Average Price: $700-900. Availability: Sporadic.

Angus Trim

Also made via CNC Lathe in the USA, which is no co-incidence as Angus Trim was one of Albions founding members. Average Price: $1,200. Availability: Rare.

Arms & Armor

Hand Forged in the USA by Christopher Poor. High quality medieval and renaissance era swords. Average Price: $600-800. Availability: Sporadic.

Balaur Arms

Designed by Kult of Athena and made in India to extremely surprisingly good quality standards, Balaur caused quite a splash when they hit the scene in 2018. Average Price: $300. Availability: Readily available.

Blade Culture International

Specialized in Filipino and Japanese Swords hand made in Pangasinan, the Philippines, but can and does make swords from many cultures and eras. Average Price: $300-500. Availability: Sporadic.

Citadel Knives and Swords

Individually hand made high end Katana for connoisseurs and discerning martial artists. World renowned quality. Average Price: $2,500. Availability: Readily Available

Cold Steel Swords

Made in China and India under contract. Largest, most diverse selection - including Asian swords, medieval, renaissance, civil war and military sabers. Average Price: $300-400. Availability: Readily Available.

Darksword Armory

Made in Canada via a production line style assembly. Specializes in medieval themed and fantasy style swords. Average Price: $550. Availability: Readily Available.

Deepeeka Swords

Made in India. Specializes in Ancient World replica swords and some medieval style pieces. Average Price: $95. Availability: Average.

Del Tin Armi Antiche

Made via the stock removal process in Maniago, Italy. Focused on historically accurate replicas of medieval and renaissance period European swords. Average Price: $400-600. Availability: Average

Generation 2/Legacy Arms

Hand forged in the Philippines. Primarily focused on medieval style swords. Average Price: $300. Availability: Sporadic.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

Made in Dailan, China (primarily hand forged). Produces an extremely diverse range of battle ready swords at varying price points. Average Price: $200-600. Availability: Widely Available.

Kingdom of Arms

The latest project of industry Legend Cylde Hollis (founder of Generation 2) with an expanding and diverse line of high quality fit and finish swords from all time periods and eras. Average Price: $308-$999. Availability: Rare but expanding.

Masahiro Ryumon

Made in China. Specializes in low cost Japanese swords. Average Price: $80. Availability: Widespread.

Musashi Swords

Made in China. Also specializes in low cost Japanese swords. Average Price: $50. Availability: Widespread.

Ronin Katana

Hand Forged in Longquan, China. Specializes in Japanese style blades for Dojo applications. Average Price: $250. Availability: Readily Available.

Ryujin Sword

Specializes in custom Katana, importing the components and blades from Longquan, China - and assembling them to the customers specification at their California based workshop. Average Price: $200-$300. Availability: Readily Available.

SBG Special Projects

Many exclusive lines, from custom work, rare one of collectibles and swords simply not available anywhere else. Brand lines include Project X & Forge Direct - projects, too numerous to list..

Scorpion Swords

Hand made via stock removal in the USA by Chris Palmer. Specialize in ultra durable knives and shortswords. Average price: $300. Availability: Made to Order

Thaitsuki Swords

Specialists in Japanese Katana made in China and QC inspected and shipped from Thailand. Mid to high end blades only with their trademark use of 75% silver in their unique, patented fittings.

Valiant Armoury

A company in transition, swords now made in the USA with numerous customization options. Specializes in medieval swords. Average Price: $600-900. Availability: Very Sporadic.

Windlass Steelcrafts

Hand Forged in India. Primary focuses on medieval swords but as they are a military contractor, also makes military swords. Average Price: $200. Availability: Widely Available.


Inactive or Closed Sword Manufacturers:

Cheness Cutlery (2005-2021)

Kris Cutlery (1985-2020)


This part of the site is dedicated to the memory of Hank Reinhardt (1934-2007) who originally conceived of the idea to list all the major manufacturers in this way and passed the torch to me a few months before his untimely passing.

ABOUT HANK REINHARDT: Sword and Arms Historian Hank Reinhardt was a legend of the sword industry.

One of the founding members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), co-founder of Museum Replicas Limited (which he sold to Windlass Steelcrafts in 1995) and founder of the HACA (Historical Armed Combat Association) – these were just a few of the strings to his bow.

Hank was also a close personal friend of the late, great sword scholar Ewart Oakeshott, Hank Reinhardt was also a true and very pragmatic swordsman who had produced several videos on the subject including ‘How to Use the Viking Sword in REAL combat’ and ‘Myth of the Sword’

Never a man to mince his words, Hank was well known for his straightforward, pragmatic attitude and was famous for his love of ‘clever witticisms’, which he rejected his friends calling bad jokes…

Jan 18, 1934-October 30, 2007.

Hank Rienhardts Last Interview

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