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Kris Cutlery Swords is a knife and sword importing company who until recently sold their own exclusive line of imported blades. The company started in April of 1984 under “Cecil Quirino Imports” and at that point in time it was only selling butterfly knives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It appears that in late 2020 Kris Cutlery is either about to completely change their business model or close their doors. We will attempt to update you on the final outcome when it has been announced accordingly.

Manufactured in: Hand Forged in the Philippines and China

Steels Used: 1060 Carbon and 5160 Spring Steel

Price Range: $200 to $700

Official Website:

The name was eventually changed to Kris Cutlery. Other knives were introduced and swords followed at a later date as they expanded their relationship with Blade Culture International before it was independent - offering Japanese, Chinese, European and of course some Filipino weapons. Most of their swords are well tempered, with most of the single-edged swords being differentially tempered.

Of their warranty, they state this on their website:

“The blade is guaranteed for breakage (into two pieces) for a year unless it is abused beyond normal use (hitting non-movable objects – trees, post etc…).”

Prices can range anywhere from around $200 for their lower end to $700 for their most expensive model.



Kris Cutlery is unique in that, not only does it offer a number of Japanese Katana/Wakazashi/Tantos and even Yari/Naginata blades for reasonable prices, but it also sells all the fittings necessary to completely build a katana of your own. This includes meguki, tsuba, seppa, functional blades and more for quite reasonable prices. The swords/blades themselves run from $285 – $700. Their most famous and popular swords were all made by B.C.I. though this was not common knowledge at the time.


They offer a number of Butterfly swords, Dao, Jian and Gim swords in their Chinese section. Some are blunted for practice use, and this is clearly stated in their description. These prices run from about $100 to $265.


The Philippines are a source of many unique bladed and non-bladed weapons. Few modern forges attempt to make them, however, which makes Kris Cutlery stand fairly alone in this area. This line includes traditional weapons such as Kampilan, Pinuti, Espada y Daga, and many more worth looking at. These prices range from about $125 to $225.


Kris Cutlery’s reputation is for swords that are a bit on the unattractive side. The general consensus seems to be that the swords are slightly less than what you would expect for the price, with non-traditional fittings. There are typically some complaints about the finish of the blade as well.

Reports on their durability are mixed.

Some people, most notably on the Sword Forum International, swear by them as being extremely tough. However, there are also reports that they are a little on the soft side – such as the image of their Celtic sword taking a set after a failed cut a water filled plastic bottle.

Bent blade after a bad cut

Most of this stems from early growing pains from a change from their Filipino supplier to a Chinese one, and these days there is a distinct split between the earlier, much acclaimed Filipino made swords from BCI to the Chinese made models.

Exactly what happened is not public knowledge, but in late 2020 a notice appeared on every product listing saying "Kris Cutlery has discontinued products made in China and Philippines starting 2020. That includes Japanese, Chinese, Philippine swords and martial arts training items. Products listed in our website are the only remaining inventory to date. Blemish Products will be added occasionally"

As such, the future of this company is currently unknown.


Other than direct from the manufacturer, the only other stockist is HERE at Kult of Athena - though their prices are actually typically 25% LESS than the manufacturer and clearly state if they are in stock or not, which the manufacturer does not, so while their range is limited, they may be a better choice for anyone looking to pick up the last of their stock before it is gone forever..

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