Valiant Armoury

Valiant Armoury originally started out produced mainly functional medieval swords in the Philippines. A division of ProCut until 2006, the company was purchased by current owner Sonny Suttles after the death of Bob Miller, owner of ProCut.

Manufactured in: Now made in the USA

Steels Used:  6150 High Carbon Steel  

Price Range: US$695 – $995

Official Website:

Now a stand-alone company, they changed direction – eliminating the old line up and creating new and very innovative partnerships with such giants of the sword industry as Angus Trim and Christian Fletcher.

Their swords and weapons are protected under a one year warranty which is:

“applicable only when the product is used under the normal conditions for which the sword or edged collectible is designed, and does not apply to any damage related to misuse, carelessness, negligence, and normal and/or excessive wear and tear.”

They define normal use on their site as tameshigiri (using mats) under by a trained user under controlled circumstances, and state that:

“While Valiant Armoury swords and edged collectibles certainly could be used to cut many other items or objects, this is not their intended use and it is quite dangerous to do so and any use other than for its intended purpose will void the warranty.”

Prices have increased recently, for in 2018 they changed direction once again - while previously they imported blades and fittings from China, and assembled them with custom leather scabbards, now they concentrate on making their own blades in house - which has reduced the available number of swords and also dramatically increased pricing.



“Signature Series” Swords were a collaboration between Valiant Armory, Angus Trim and Christian Fletcher – with the swords designed by Gus and Christian, made in China, and then assembled with custom leather scabbards in the USA. In early 2018 however, it appears that this line is being retired and replaced by their own in house brand.


The craftsman series began in late 2017 and consists of 6150 Carbon Steel blades forged by Sonny and his Son Zach in the USA with numerous customization options. There are quite a few models listed in this line, but few are actually in stock and wait times can be significant.


With their business in transition, and the new 6150 hand forged swords remaining untested and unproven, it is too early to say what issues may be present on their currently available sword lines. However, if the earlier signature series swords are any indication, high quality with an eye for detail is to be expected, and Valiant Armoury under Sonny has always had a solid reputation for standing behind his products and delivering excellent customer service.

The biggest issue now is availability - previously the lead time quoted on the Chinese imported swords in stock was 4-6 weeks for customization - however now the lead time is listed as 20-24 weeks. Considering that the swords with a 4-6 week lead time often took quite a bit longer to complete, significant delays are to be expected.


Their swords are sold exclusively through their Custom Sword Shoppe HERE

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