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There aren'’t that many places offering swords for sale in Canada. And while at first, you might think this is due to the fact that due to the proximity to the huge US market – GST, PST and brokerage charges (US$50 for UPS!) tend to make it cost prohibitive to import ‘South of the Border’.

That said though, there is one GIANT of the sword industry that supplies swords not only to Canada but to North America, Europe and everywhere else.

I am talking of course about one of the most professional and dynamic sword retailers in the business:– Reliks.com

The Big Boys - Reliks.com

Reliks is without a doubt THE premier place to source swords for sale in Canada. With a huge ‘bricks and mortar’ store in London, Ontario - their website is an extension of their physical store and has grown in leaps and bounds over the years to become one of the most respected sword sellers in the business.

Product lines include Cas Iberia/Hanwei, Dynasty Forge, and notably Windlass Steelcrafts – for which they are the official Canadian distributor.

Besides being the Canadian distributor for these well known brands, Reliks has also worked closesly with several manufacturers to produce Reliks Exclusives. Their most recent and notable collaboration is with the Hanwei Forge, producing the Kastumushi (Dragonfly) Katana.

Continually pushing the envelope, Reliks is a very innovative company – with one of their most interesting developments to date being rotatable 3d images of a selection of their swords so you can see it from every angle! (click here for an example).

Highly recommended by SBG as the BEST places to find swords for sale in Canada for price, professionalism and sword knowledge. Check them out:


Unfortunately, these are the only other places that offer swords for sale in Canada that I am comfortable recommending. However, this is not the complete picture...

Canada is home to a small and notable specialist sword manufacturers producing their own swords under the US$300 mark (there used to be two, but Valentine Armouries has since sold out and moved to the USA!).

Darksword Armory specialize in forging their own Canadian made replica medieval and fantasy swords. Extremely tough, well balanced and popular with the Canadian ARMA (Association of Renaissance and Martial Arts) as well as numerous re-encting troupes, their swords are some of the best I have seen in this price range. Highly recommended and good friends of SBG...

Speaking of which, I should also note (shameless plug) that the SBG Sword Store offers a flat rate of US$26 per sword to Canada on all Cheness Cutlery Katana and Valiant Armory's Angus Trim line for sale there, and my agent who assists with one of our exclusive lines is based in Canada too!

As we ship by USPS, brokerage fees and charges are avoided and as it is up to the individual Canada Postal worker to file for GST and PST, these fees are also sometimes not claimed, resulting in a very good deal indeed….

Even better, we also offer the range of Darksword Armoury medieval swords for sale in Canada with absorbed shipping and NO local taxes.

Ok, plug over... ;-)

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