Is "Swords of Northshire" reputable?

I've been looking at buying another custom sword, I'm not saying in detail what I'm having done on here, but I've been checking out their site and not only are there basic customization options I can have it customized down to the last detail.

MY ONLY CONCERN is that while the region of "longquan" is famous for producing the best swords in china, and many of their greatest kung-fu masters purchase their blades from that region, there are so many different shops and makers in the region and many swords even the high end ones from that region can suffer from loose blades or unsecured fittings (mainly due to everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon of the provinces reputation) so my question is do any of you, or someone you know very well, have any experience with SWORDS OF NORTHSHIRE?

If so was your/their experience good or bad? If bad what issues did you find with their work? The price range can be anywhere from $80 to over $3500 dollars. From what I can tell their work is good, but I would like a second opinion before purchase. Any sword I buy must be not only elegant, but fully functional and efficient. I have a great deal of experience with blades of all kinds, I know most forging methods by heart and I know a quality blade when I pick it up. Before I purchase a blade from them I need to know that I'm getting quality. Thanks in advance guys and gal's.

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Short answer, yes!
by: Paul

Swords of Northshire are definitely a reputable company to deal with. They are a relatively new operation, but have an excellent reputation, a strong social media presence (29K fans at facebook) and are listed as one of our recommended sellers in the Sword Buyers Directory and are very transparent in their dealings.

Their return policy is 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can send a sword back in original condition for either exchange, replacement or full refund.

here is a hands on review from one of our forum members, his only complaint was a few scratches here and there.

You can also read reviews on their facebook page, so overall - the short answer is yes, they are reputable and worth checking out.

True enough, you won't get a real Nihonto level of quality for a few hundred dollars, but for the price and the customization options available, backed up by a solid refund policy, you should not have any trouble.

- Paul

Custom Katana
by: Klugmann

I just received my custom Katana from Northshire. The quality was beyond my expectation. It is a beautiful piece of art work as well as a fully functional weapon. I was so impressed that I ordered a custom Wakizashi.

Yes, Very Good Katanas
by: Christopher

I purchased a custom katana from Swords Of Northshire a couple months ago, and I was extremely pleased with the quality. I was very skeptical until I finally saw and held the katana for the first time. Since receiving my katana from them I have purchased a few other, higher priced and higher quality, custom katanas from them and I am so pleased with their work.

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