ninja sword vs. ninja sword

by Calvin Leisure
(Bowling Green, KY)

QUESTION: I know you have reviewed the Ninja sword of Hanwei and announced it the best ninja, but I haven't found any reviews of the Generation 2 BWT Ninja sword on your website(or anyone else's). As you know the Hanwei is about $200 and the Generation 2 version is about $300; price is not an issue with me but quality is, which do you recommend?


p.s. If you could give a quick impression of the Generation 2 ninja-to I would be grateful.

ANSWER: Hi Calvin,

If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me about the Generation 2 BWT... ;-)

Truth be told, the BWT is an excellent sword - but it never really had the kind of exposure required for people to realize this and has been in danger of being discontinued for the last couple of years.

It IS a very nice piece, and the old adage 'you get what you pay for' is true here in that it is correspondingly better than the Hanwei Ninjato on a price to value ratio, with a little extra on top for good measure in its favour.

But as I concentrate on the sub US$300 swords, and it has been under continual threat of being discontinued (I hate recommending a sword, and then it is no longer available - doesn't do anyone any good), I haven't mentioned it much.

But just between you and me, if you can get hold of one before they inevitably disappear, do it!

Hope this helps. (^-^)

- Paul

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by: ADAM


owned one
by: Anonymous

I owned one and found it to be an excellent sword. Unlike the previous review mine was quite sharp upon receipt. I liked it enough that I WILL buy another but will have this customized a bit for myself. It should tell you enough that I liked the blade enough to spend more on having it customized than the sword itsself costs!!

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