Opinions on swords from Poshland

by Pinoy
(North Dakota)

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience from purchasing from poshland. I have been eyeing a few swords from their website such as "Sw-314-B" "SW-99" and "SW-305"

However I have not found the heart to follow through with the purchase from the lack of reviews. I love the look of damascus that is the reason of my interest in Poshland swords. If anyone could find any information regarding their trustability and performance of their swords it would help tremendously.

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Here's some info
by: Paul

There was a discussion on our forum here about this about a year ago - it was actually about their knives, but much of the info and feedback is fairly transferrable and gives you some unbaised opinions.

First impressions
by: Pinoy

Well, finally found the heart and decided to purchase a small 25 inch sword from poshland (Sw-149).
The sword itself came well oiled inside a plastic bag which was sheathed in the leather scabbard. The sword is well fitted inside the hilt with no rattles and is peened at the end. The pommel and guard is indeed made of folded steel. The blade itself is also made of folded steel. The site says it is made of 1095/15n20 but I don't know for sure. As for the HRC a file didn't seem to scratch the blade, I don't have any other way of testing. For a first impression it seems to be well made and is artistically beautiful. I haven't however done any cutting/abusive testing. So I cannot say How well it would hold up. For being only $180 I do believe it to be well of a bargain and would recommend it to others. Cheers

Blade:19 in.
Handle:6 in.
Total length: 25 in.
Material: folded steel ?(1095/15N20)?

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