Soul of the Warrior

by Ben

I bought a roman shield from Soul of the Warrior. It was supposed to be new.

It was the right hight and curve. The front was nicely finished with some flaws.

It not only took 7 months to get the shield, but the owner complained that it was oversize shipping cost and he didn't want to ship it even thought the cost of shipping was added to my order. But he didn't want to give my money back either.

The shield edging is used, dented in many places, marked, faded all over due to being worn out.

A couple of small nails come through the front holding the support on the back.

Also they will never answer the phone.

Since then I have ordered from Kult of Athena and always got great service and never any problems with my product or shipping. Get costumer support.

Never again will i deal with Soul of a Warrior.

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Sep 07, 2015
by: Adam

So this happened a few years ago, but I ordered the lamb skin shin greeve insert, and the Twins balteaus. I got the belt after about 5 months, but wasseriously used, one of the dangling parts was already broken off, and the someone customized it so the dagger went on the other side. I returned it fir a new one, and never heard back even after emailing, and calling the owner. As far as the greeves never got that either. Almost $300 wasted. Will never use again so if you want period arms and armor better luck with Kult of Athena or somewhere else.

Sep 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

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