Rouge Wave "Nomi gorotsuki"

by Capt. Chuck Thrasher
(Bell, Fla., U.S.A.)

I wanted to go with a water theme. Having been a professional diver and United States Merchant Marine officer this seemed like a no brainier. The tsuba is P22There were several reasons I chose this tsuba . One is my initials are C,A,T so the cat like creature caught my eye .Then there are the waves coming on shore in the lower left also I prefer smaller and sort of plain features and not perfectly round. This one fit the bill quite nicely. Now for the fuchie and kashira I wanted something just a bit flashy and with the water theme so I went with C5. The tsuka of course had to fallow the same idea so I went with blue cotton ito and black same. This attached to a 28inch bo-hi blade. Encased in a blue textured saya. I think It turned out quite nice. Handles like a dream very sporty, feels fast and light. Every thing is as should be expected as far as a tight wrap, polish and fit ect. I have done some tinkering like polishing off some of the black from the tsuba and I highlighted parts of the saya with a bit of black to more perfectly match the tsuka. I am very pleased with at how it has turned out.

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