300 spartan sword scabbard

by John
(Tucson, Az, USA)

QUESTION: where can i find just the scabbard for the 300 spartan sword with a 26 inch blade?

ANSWER: There isn't currently one in production that I am aware of. You would either have to create it yourself or get one made by someone like, though they aren't cheap...

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but that is the situation.

- Paul

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by: B.A.Miron

go to the lumberyard.......get two pieces of clear pine 1/2" X a healthy inch wider than your sword's blade at its widest point......if you cannot get the exact size described, go bigger, always go bigger(wider,thicker)......make a template of your blade with thin cardboard or heavy construction paper or trace it directly onto the will now carve out half the thickness of your blade on the inside of each piece of wood........after you are fairly sure the blade will clear the opening of your scabbard halves, use tiny, tiny screws(please pre-drill the holes smaller than the screws) & put them together.........adjust the fit as necessary........when you are satified with the fit, take out the screws for the last time and glue it just like a real cabinet maker with elmer's glue........let it dry......use the screws or not, it's up to you........i leave them cut and/or sand down the outside of your scabbard to shape it the way you want........just like when we use S.P. on the blades......heavy first, work down to fine.......the finer & smoother you sand it, the better your stain will look.......if you stain, use a rag for light & not shiny, or a brush for darker & more'd be amazed how nice the shiny finish looks, but it takes longer to dry........let one coat dry before you apply another if you go that way........if you paint it, it will probably look like crap, i never liked painted can also do the same with heavy leather, if you pinch the leather by pushing it together with clamps when you sew it (predrill the holes) sew it with leather shoe laces, you won't have to shave the inside too much to make a space for the can also stain leather as looks great too......................mostly, it's fun to do & you will appreciate your gear more because you did it.........if they are good, people might buy them as well........good luck if you do it yourself.

here's where
by: Anonymous

Bud-K sells just the sheath for $19.99

spartain sword?
by: Anonymous

but where to buy an actual 300 spartain sword?

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