9260 bend resistance

by Brad

QUESTION: I have a Musashi Bamboo Katana that, I'm embarrassed to admit, I dropped the other day (it just slipped out of my hands). I guess it landed badly because the blade took a pretty serious bend (about 45 degrees).

The Mushashi is supposed to be 1060 steel, but it bent much more easily than I would have expected. It was also, however, much easier to fix than I expected. Just slap it in a vise and bend it back.

My question is that I'm considering getting a Cheness Ko Katana but, after my incident with the Musashi, I am concerned about which steel I should choose.

Heaven forbid I drop that sword too, but if something like that were to happen, would one their 9260 swords like the Tenchi withstand and impact like that, or would it most likely take a bend as well?

If it did take a bend wouldn't it be much harder to fix it?

To sum up, should I get a Ko Katana in 9260 steel with the hope that it would withstand bending, even after being dropped, or should I get one in 1060 steel so that I can straighten the sword myself if it does take a bend?

And what about the differentially hardened Kaze Ko Katana? I would love to have this sword, but my understanding is that it would bend more easily than the through hardened 1060 (due to being differentially hardened), and be much harder to straighten (due to being 9260). Is this correct?

Thank you so much for your help.


ANSWER: Hi Brad,

9260 Spring steel is not invincible (heck, no steel is) but durable - most definitely. I recently received an email from a customer who managed to drop his blade (it was a Tenchi from memory) tip first into the concrete and there was no damage whatsoever.

As to the differentially hardened swords - being 9260 they still resist a bend better than most other steels on the market. But bend them too far and they will stay bend and are slightly harder to bend back to true. But no where near as hard as the 9260 through hardened blades.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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hey paul & question asker!
by: mike s

i'm pretty sure it was me that said that paul as soon as i opened it i was so excited i dropped it! tip first into concrete.....and so this person know these 9260 blades ARE that good . man theres was nothing wrong with it and i can chop down 2 inch thick pine all day without even so much as a scratch! so yeah def. save the money for the 9260 blades i got mine in shirisaya however not the tenchi it now looks like a kaze minus the differential hardening... same blade as the tenchi though... GOOD BLADES!

Musashi blades
by: Anonymous

Musashi blades are seriously quick to bend, and stay bent until you fix it of course.
I hit a 2L bottle on a back swing and my musashi bent nearly 90 degrees. I'm seriously over musashi. Nothing but bad tsuka-maki, crap blades, and loose fittings after one or two strikes on a mat.
I'm going to rock it like the jeffersons and move on up!!!!

1095TH is very resilient
by: Anonymous

Today I did some water bottle cutting with my Ryumon Dragonfly (1095TH), and unfortunately let the swing carry through a bit too far, and I cut a little bit into my concrete drive.

I cut about 3 mm deep into the concrete ~ 9mm long, and 1 mm wide, the steel is still razor sharp, and only lightly scratched! I was surprised, its much harder to scratch than my 1095 differentially hardened wak (Hanbon)

Ill sharpen/polish it soon with my 1000/4000 whetstone, and I'll definately be a lot more careful!

Bend it Like Beckham.......or not
by: Steven

Never actually bashed ANY of my sword blades into anything I didn't intend to, but that's what Iaido swords are for.....to learn sword control. I have also seen friends bash their swords into things, but the most impressive display of a "tough ass" sword I've EVER seen was on Matthew Jensen's YouTube channel. He tried EVERYTHING to break a Ronin Dojo Pro O-Katana (it was a destructive test, that's what he does) and he was SO frustrated that he couldn't break it he had to break out a grinding wheel to weaken the blade so he could finally snap it. That sword by the way is "only" 1060 steel............. Take from that what you may. No T-10, no 9260, no L6, no S7......"just" 1060.

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