A Mystery Dagger

by Rebecca

mystery dagger

mystery dagger

QUESTION: I bought this dagger somewhere in the vicinity of 2000-2001 when I was still in high school, more or less on a whim (I am not a collector in any capacity - I'm too damn poor for that sort of hobby) at a Renaissance Faire in Georgia.

I was wondering if anybody recognized it and could tell me who the maker was as I can't remember (it has no identifying marks or branding on it), and maybe something about the quality of the dagger. It's most definitely carbon steel, not stainless, though I don't know what type or how good it is, and yes I admit I have not taken care of it, thus a bit of surface deterioration (I honestly had forgotten I even owned it until very recently when I packed up all my Earthly belongings to move from Georgia to Tennessee - it was in a box under my bed with a bunch of random stuff)

I think it was called something like "Templar Dagger" though I don't believe it's a historically accurate representation of anything, much less something the Knights Templar might have actually carried. The blade is in the neighborhood of a foot long and it's heavier when you pick it up than you'd think just looking at it (well, to me anyway but what the hell do I know).

If somebody could give me some kind of info about this blade I'd appreciate it.



ANSWER: Hi Rebecca,

I can't give a definitive answer on this one, though it looks a lot like the kind of blades made by Starfireswords or Badgerblades - in other words the big, slightly 'clunky' and overbuilt beaters these guys specialize in (and they DO attend quite a few Ren Faires all over the place, so it may even be one of theirs).

Definitely looks sturdy and I'd imagine that it would pack quite a punch.

It may be hard to pin it down to a specific maker, as there is a reasonable chance it was made by a skilled hobbyist using the stock removal method.

So if anyone else who stumbles upon this question, and recognizes the handiwork (who knows, the maker may even see it!) - submit your comment! :-)

Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one.


- Paul

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by: Rebecca

Thanks for answering!

Yea, it's pretty hefty - it's made out of a single piece of steel, probably punched-out with a die or something and then shaped. The hilt is made from a couple pieces of something rigid (PVC or some other kind of plastic, I guess) attached with something like epoxy on either side of the steel and wrapped with a black cord, probably nylon. I was told when I bought it that it was hand-forged and has some slight non uniformity that would suggest it's probably is. The edge isn't sharpened but it has a sharp point.

There are some "lines" on the blade that parallel the edge, here's a drawing:


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