a whetstone substitute

by matt griffin
(polkton, north carolina)

I rubbed my machete on a brick, like a whetstone, and it gave my machete a crude, yet razor edge. If you cannot afford a whetstone, I recommend using a brick with NO holes.

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Possible supstitute alternative?
by: Anonymous

As a little kid,me and my friends would sharpen and shape pieces of wood on the concrete driveway. It acted just like a crude sandpaper. I suppose it could/would work on metal also. Although i would not recomend it for honeing or use on a exspensive blade.

Whetstone Alternative
by: Anonymous

Various tutorials available on the www and on YT, describing how to use the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug. Michael Cantrell offers a great 'how to' in 'Back Woods Magazine'.

Whetstone Altrnative
by: Anonymous

Bottom of a ceramic coffee mug.
See Michael Cantrell's tutorial.
Published online in 'Backwoods Home Magazine'.
Works like a charm.

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