About the Musashi Rosewood Shirasaya

by John

QUESTION: I have the Musashi Rosewood Shirasaya and after cutting some water bottles, buddy bottels, milk jugs, cardboard and some small sticks a decent amount of cutting. But it cant cut them any more maybe I cut more than it could handle but do you think the blade could become dull just from that.

ANSWER: Hi John,

There is one target there that could cause some dulling - and that is CARDBOARD. Cardboard is notoriously tough on a sharp blade, mostly because there are many rough particles in cardboard that will cause any sharp sword to lose its edge quickly.

Cardboard is a good medium for semi-sharp swords (such as those produced by Windlass Steelcrafts with a 1mm edge) - but a sharp sword will lose its sharpness very quickly cutting it.

All the other targets should not cause any dulling. It seems strange I know, but that is cardboard for you!

Hope this clarifies things.

- Paul

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Cardboard cutting
by: Joh

Thanks Paul thats a real bummer I wish I new that before. Now only if I knew how to sharpen it I could follow the intructions you gave on Care and Sharpening but i would probably mess up the blade cause i have never sharpened a sword before

rose wood shirasaya
by: hugo

where it maked, becose i see in the box, made in china, ?

by: Anonymous

What I hear this is a good blade but the question I have it true full tang since I only see one peg im skeptical and need a barde blade for my musashi tsunami hoi ru katana I bought and was damged I was thinking of use that blade to replace the defected blade. My email is alexgrans@gmail.com id apericate reply ty

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