Albion's edge retention?

QUESTION: Hi, do Albion Swords have as good edge retention and cutting ability as Angus Trim blades?

ANSWER: They are pretty similar, though I would have to give the edge (pardon the pun) to Gus Trims work...

- Paul

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Not sure...depends on the steel
by: Caleb

I read somewhere that Albion swords are shaped by what's more or less a computer-controlled-waterjet (you know them waterjets that cut through inches and inches thick or concrete/steel/etc?). As such, the steel that is used is quite mild. I understand that they could easily do it with higher carbon content steel, but I just remember reading somewhere that the steel isn't that high in carbon. And after they shape it, of course they heat treat it. But it wasn't heated to very high...and certainly not ~hardened-then-tempered~ (just hardened not too hard to necessitate tempering). I do sincerely apologize if this information is inaccurate...can't remember what I read.

And of course, Angus Trim might be doing the exact same thing. Just don't expect 60 Rockwells of razor sharpness...even though they ~are~ $800 swords. (Assuming the above info is correct)

Check this out...
by: SlayerofDarkness

Hey, guys. At if you hover over 'manufacturers' and choose Albion ( it's on the very top) the blurb says that Albion blades are hand forged, super tough, etc. I, like Caleb, have no way of knowing if these claims are true or not, but as KoA is an extremely reputable site, I would trust them over random info...
Hope this helps!

Albion hand forged?
by: Adam Pendragwn

Regardless of what some say, Albion swords are NOT hand forged! They're cold ground by a computerised milling machine! According to Albion owner, "Just like they were in the middle ages."

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