Anyone familiar with HeiSei Katana store/HeiSei Sword

by Paul Bauer

I was just browsing swords when i came across this link it's not in English but google translate works just fine for it, I really liked their selection (though there were some, very random inaccuracies in some of them) but couldn't find any information on them, if somebody out there has bought from them before, please do tell. I also could not find out if the name of the manufacturer was HeiSei katana store or HeiSei sword.

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Just a reseller..
by: Paul

Hi Paul,

It really is a huge crapshoot when you buy from Aliexpress for several reasons..

1) The actual forges do not sell direct to the public, they are not interested in single or small orders, they want large orders as they simply do not have the time or interest to manage orders for collectors (think full container loads).

2) These guys tend to be dishonest and represent themselves and their products. They also have little actual knowledge of swords, communication is difficult and they tend to say yes to a question just to get your money.

3) Customer service tends to be very poor. They have no legal obligation to foreign buyers and returns are not really possible - not only hugely expensive, but they rarely get passed by Chinese customs. Send a sword back and you could end up losing even more money..

4) Quality tends to be poor - these guys are local people who buy the scraps. You may get lucky, but the odds are against you overall. The more specific your request is, the higher the chance it will be completely botched, not as described, etc.

And that is just off the top of my head.

Yes, you might get lucky sometimes - but you may as well go to Vegas..

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Aliexpress is just not a good place to get quality swords unless you really know what you are doing..

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