Are The Swords From For Real?

QUESTION: I found by chance when I was killing time surfing the web. Looking around their site I found their Sakura daisho set. Upon closer examination, I found that it's identical to Paul Chen's Bushido set. But the difference in price is incredible! Handmadesword is selling theirs for $189 (and lower for multiple quantities) while Paul Chen is ... well, you know. I see a lot of other designs that are the same as other "designer" swords and I was just amazed at the price.

My question is, is the Sakura a replica of Paul Chen's Bushido or is it the real thing but at a more affordable price?

Please and thank you!


ANSWER: Hi Storme,

It's not the same thing - the fittings might be a copy, but it's not a genuine Hanwei... (Hanwei have their own forge in Dalian, Manchuria and having a general idea of the cost of producing a sword such as the Bushido, it's definitely not the same thing).

Enough said probably. ;-)

- Paul

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you get what you pay for
by: Robert Pero

The major difference I see is that the Hanwei is actually sharp. A buddy of mine bought a Handmade and was about as sharp as the plastic Mcdonalds knife they give you for your hotcakes and sausage. You get what you pay for at

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