Atrim longsword in stock again?

by Hans-A

QUESTION: Hello Paul.

First of all, thanks for this amazing website and awesome swordforum you keep going. I discovered it this summer, and being a sword collector from Norway, this is really the best sword site on the nat for me =)

Now to the question: Will you ever get the Atrim Practical Longsword (sharpened) in stock in SBG Sword Store again?


ANSWER: Hi Hans,

Thanks for your kind words and glad you are enjoying everything.

We should have the Atrim longswords back in stock sometime in December. Not sure of an exact date as yet, but shouldn't be too much longer. ^_^

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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Finally !
by: Adnan C

Looking forward to this, its been a long wait and Id much prefer to buy it from SBG than anywhere else ! Been on the mailing list for a while now, cant wait to get that email.

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