Authentic Ninja Swords

by Hugh Pearse
(Dublin, Ireland)

QUESTION: You do a great job of reviewing and sourcing quality swords online. (Really are good at it!)

Im thinking of getting a Bujinkan sword and saw your review of a "ninja" sword stating its lack of authenticity. I think this is a mistake. Straight swords did actually exist and were used by Ninja.

For more information here is a page on reddit news website with links to Iga Ninja Museum in Japan.

Thanks again!

Hugh Pearse.

ANSWER: Hi Hugh,

It's a tricky one - some people argue that the straight bladed swords were used by Ninja, and that they were basically very simple tools churned out by the Ninja clans as required.

Others strongly deny this, arguing that a good assasin would have stolen a half decent Katana or Wakizashi from a Samurai he killed - which kind of makes more sense to me as if you have the choice between something you knocked up yourself in the 'shed' and a $20,000 hand forged Katana, I know what I would pick... ;-)

No end in sight to this debate I think..! But it certainly is an interesting one...

- Paul

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by: Anonymous

If I were a Ninja in those days and had to rely more on stealth, I would most likely off a Samurai with his own Wakizashi.

by: JT

Ninja would use anything they got their hands on, be it a crude homemade weapon or a stolen one. Remember that the ninja were not from the wealthy upper class.

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