Awesome Fast Shipping!

by Jeremiah Dingle
(Indio, CA, USA)

Trueswords truly has awesome shipping! Though you pay at least about $15-$20 for shipping (Depending on the item(s) you are wanting to ship) FedEx shipping is amazing. Especially, how you can track your order accurately. So far I have been ordering a handful of Katanas by Musashi, Masahiro, Cold Steel, and Honshu for the past month and got all my orders within 3 days (More like 2 1/2 days) The prices on this website is a HUGE deal! I've done some research on other websites selling the same swords and Trueswords' prices either is equivalent or cheaper to the other leading brands to buy swords, knives, etc.
The quality of the swords are amazing and also no damage whatsoever for each item so far I have obtained. Even if you do get a bad shipment; Trueswords has an amazing user friendly policy on dealing with such matters. Trust Trueswords!

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They set the standard
by: Paul

Yup, that's why we recommend them so heartily! They have been around for years, their prices rock and customer service sets the standard.

Must admit I don't like everything they stock - but those items I like that they stock, I like a lot!

that's it ! JCH
by: Anonymous

I could not agree more !!! love true swords !!! SBG store pretty awesome just need the money for such quality !!!

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