Bad experience w/customer service

by Daijiro

I purchased the Dynasty Forge brand, horse themed katana and anxiously awaited for it to arrive as I was told it would take approximately 2 weeks. 2 weeks passed by and I finally got an email from "James" informing me that the katana I wanted is no longer in production. I told "James" that I was a little upset; he tried to sell me another katana. He didn't sound trustworthy and I asked for my refund. After a few more days, I finally got my refund. I will never deal with this company again.

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Apr 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

The other guy on here who left a bad customer service review was also helped by James. Is there just one guy in CS?

Jan 19, 2017
Dynasty Forge
by: Anonymous

I purchased a "Dynasty Forge Bushi Silver Wave O-Katana" from 'KultofAthena'. It arrived in a cardboard box with a couple of sheets of brown paper stuffed in to act as packaging; nothing else at all.
The cost of postage that 'KultofAthena' charged to send the AUS$1,000 sword to Australia, was AUS$500...
the blade was almost blunt. I tried to cut through a 2mm hollow cylinder of cardboard... it just could not cut it! I then noticed that the cardboard had marked to blade! I am incredibly disappointed at my first involvement with Japanese swords... I am having so much trouble now, trying to develop some trust in this industry. I would like to buy a "PROPER SWORD", but am now fearsome of another terrible expensive experience like I have had! Extremely disappointed that it is so difficult to know which vendors and manufacturers one can trust!

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