Balance Point of Darksword Armoury Norman Sword

by Josh McNeal
(Florida, USA)

QUESTION: I noticed the wonderful review that you did of the Darksword Armoury Knight sword, and I saw also that you are now selling the Darksword Armoury swords in your store. Sir, could you tell me what the balance point on the Darksword Armoury Norman sword is? Thank you kindly for your time, sir.

ANSWER: Hi Josh,

Thanks for your email. Actually, that is the only sword that I have listed there that I am not certain of the balance. I have a SBG member who is about to receive it and will be able to tell me - I am trying to get as many objective opinions each model before adding more.

I am pretty sure the balance is very similar to the Knight Sword, which handles extremely well for such a tough sword. These blades are used by the ARMA in Canada, so the balance cannot be too bad!

Will have more info soon.

Thanks Josh,

- Paul

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