belt length

by Elijah Shafer
(Kansas City, MO, US)

I was reading your review on the Valiant armory Castile Sword and you put as a con that the scabbard belt was to long.

I did some research on how they were worn and this is what I found

There are basically five ways to wear a sword

*One- The standard way, having a belt that wraps around the waist
once with the sword suspended off of a suspension rig, or frog.

*Two- Double wrapping, This system works well for arming swords, the
wearer wraps the belt around their waist twice before looping it
together. Typically the sword does not have a suspension system.

*Three- Baldric type, it is a sword suspended form above the shoulder
on a belt. An example would be the roman gladius.

*Four- Across the back, granted it looks cool and fells awesome, this
style wasn't used very often, except for carrying great sword's
during long journey's, and the ninja of japan supposedly wore
ninja-to's on their backs.

*Five- Japanese Katana, worn with the blade up intertwined in a
wrapped belt around the waist, the Japanese have a very specific way
in which you wrap the belt and secure the saya.

I was wondering if the belt was to short to double wrap it and to long to single wrap it as I am looking to purchase a Valiant Armory sword, this also will be my first purchase.

Thank you so much for creating this guide it has helped me a lot

Elijah Shafer

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Dec 12, 2015

by: Paul

Thanks for sharing Elijah, some good research there.

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