Best Authentic Japanese Swords out there...

by KB

QUESTION: Hello, i wanted to know if you could give me a list of the top authentic japanese sword makers in the world today 1,000.00 and up. Combat ready as in i could toss it to Mushashi himself with no complaints.

ANSWER: Hmm, that would be quite a list! And of course, if the sword was for Musashi - I don't think he would care - after all, he preferred a wooden sword in the end and his philosphy was along the lines of "it doesn't matter about the sword, it is the person using it" ;-)

Anyway, a very quick shortlist would be along the lines of Hanwei Forge, Bugei Trading Company, Huano Forge, Dynasty Forge, Zheng Wu Sword Forging Institute & Cicada Forge all spring to mind.

Of course, for around the US$10,000+ mark there are several makers in Japan making 'cheap' authentic Katana, though most with full Koshirae are in the US$25,000+ price range..

But yeah - try googling some of the forges I mentioned above - there are MANY more (and I haven't even touched on custom swords here), but it is a good start if you are trying to impress the Kensei Musashi Miyamoto. ;-)


- Paul

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by: KB

well I'm interested in custom also so if you wouldn't mind listing a few of those also, please.

not really SBG question
by: Anonymous

It's nice to know but if you were to go on the forums you could easily find this answer... and if you were to just use google... the sky is the limit... But I think this question might be a tad off topic in here, not sure what paul thinks but from my point of view, a website based on $300 swords... and asking about $1000+ swords... it's a little off topic.

Or maybe I'm just crazy.

most durable $1000-$1500
by: dan

hi paul,
i want the most durable katana for this price range. ive looked at so many swords i cant see strait. maybe you could tell me the top 3 models in your opinion. i mean blade to blade durability without chiping and maybe why. also how do you like the oniyuri ninja compared to the gen 2 ninja also for strength. i know you love the cheness how does the bwt compare? thank you very much, glad your here


not an sbg q?
by: Anonymous

why so harsh buddy? i was wondering the same thing. maybe make your own website if you want to be a grouchy troll.

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