Best Katana available and edge damage

by Domenico

ANSWER: I'm sorry to bother you but I discovered you yesterday and couldn't help in asking.

Which are the best manufacturers for both Katanas and Medieval swords available? are there any particular swords (not mentioned on your site also) that you recommend for combat use?

Have you tried the KAMI katana from Hanwei? What would be your opinions for it?

what would you do in order to heal a sword from some minor edge damage?

ANSWER: Hi Domenico,

'Best' is of course a rather hard term to define, as it really depends on what you like in a Katana. Some people like heavy blades, others like light ones - some like a certain type of hamon, others don't care about that at all.

And then there is price...

As to polishing out edge damage on a Katana (or indeed any sword), you'll find a wealth of info to help here.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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by: Domenico

a nice answer of course, but someone has a Kami Katana here? could he tell me everything that comes to his mind about this sword?

by: Anonymous

i would advise you try the main sword buyers forum. the kami is pretty uncommon so more people are a better shot

LOLZ at everything else
by: Anonymous

I'll just leave this here...


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