Black Emperor Katana with sheath

by Charles M
(United States)

I got a buy one get one free email for trueswords as I have been a long time account holder for years. I decided that is is the time to make my first purchase. I bought the black emperor katana with sheath and got a purple emperor katana with sheath for free. It was a buy one and get the second one free at equal or lesser value. I decided to get two. One for me and one for my wife. I ordered Thursday and it was delivered the next Wednesday. Very good service. The swords were 30 dollars so of course they aren't going to be live katanas. I took them out the box and they looked good. Not excellent but for 30 dollars they were good. It says ON THE BLADE "Tomahawk XLR 1544 Carbon Steel Handcrafted in China". The tsuba is metal and the tsuka is wood with fake ray skin and it's nylon cord. Nice display piece. Blade is not entirely straight and is unsharpened. Overall nice wall hanger, bad weapon. As expected for 30 dollars.

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