Black Marks on Blade

by Tim

QUESTION: My grandfather has a British Naval Officer's Ceremonial Sword. This sword is in fairly good quality, except for a few black marks on the blade. Polish does not seem to work, and I was wondering if you know of any ways of removing these blak marks, without damaging the blade, which is inscribed.


It sounds like some deep patina, which isn't necessarily a bad thing on an older sword and actually adds character. Cleaning it up with some polish is about as far as you want to go, there are other methods, but they cannot really be attempted just from some info obtained online - if done improperly it would do a lot more harm than good...

- Paul

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You can use 1200 grit paper, but pls be careful
by: Caleb

It really depends what "polish" you're using... I like that good old Autosol, which feels like a solid, ABRASIVE-actioned grits, around 6000 grit, which actually cuts away the surface. However, a lot of stuff you buy today are really just cleaners. They may have either ~some~ or very little actual abrasives, but are filled primarily of cleaners, clays, and/or waxes.

If you are in fact using a cleaner-polish, then it will take forever. If it is an abrasive polish, but for softer metals like copper or silver, then that will also take forever. If it is Autosol...or Mother's Polish (I think that's what it's called) in like a tin can...or anything that basically feels scratchy in your fingers that produces a mirror surface... Then that is suitable.

If not, use 1200 grit sandpaper combined with polish. Always use more polish than paper. I'd do something like, ~for every minute i spend with paper, i spend 3 with polish~. Repeat until satisfactory

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