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What is the Difference between a sword with Bohi & no Bohi?

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Just lightens the blade a little and..
by: Paul

A bohi (pronounced "bow" as in bow and arrow, "he as in "he and she") is essentially a fuller or groove that runs down the length of the blade, lightening and changing the balance point to make it a bit faster and easier to wield. A by product of a Katana with bo-hi is that it makes a great 'Tachi-Kaze' (sword-wind-sound) when it swings through the air, giving some nice feedback on the angle and speed of your cut.

The structure of the bo-hi is such that it minimizes any loss of durability, acting much like an 'I-beam' as used in the construction industry.

At the end of the day then - if you want a real 'choppper', select the solid bodied blade. For a sword with a little more finesse, go with the bohi.

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