Brown Ito Kaze Ko?

by Patrick
(Seattle, Washington)

QUESTION: Is cheness going to wrap the kaze ko katana in brown cord anytime soon? I want it to match my full size kaze.

ANSWER: Actually, unfortunately it is highly unlikely...

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cheness parts
by: B.A.Miron

if i might butt in......a while back cheness started to offer seperate parts (tsuka, tsuka sets, & about a dozen different tsubas, etc) this was after i, and i suppose others as well, hounded him for various parts.......very quick & satisfying response from him......look at the site & pick out what you need & customize is fun & educational.

by: SlayerofDarkness

Sweetness! Thanks for letting us know BAMiron. Great info, lots of help!

-SlayerofDarkness (Brogdon Combs)

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