Bushido Dragon Fury

by Kyle
(Newark, NY)

I got the Musashi Bushido dragon fury sword. It is a beautiful sword, but when i used it to test cut some buddy bottles, the blade batted them away, only partially cutting them. It was only partly the blade's fault, it was also my poor form. The blade was however much more dull than i would like. It was extremely sturdy though. It handled half inch pine tree branches like a hot knife through butter, which was surprising to me being a 60 dollar blade. All in all, it is a must buy for a sword enthusiest on a budget.

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by: Ben

if u wanna test it more, why dont u sharpen it with a gd water stone and have anothere go at those bottles with some better form, i think ud be suprised as to how dull something can be to cut, if i was u the starting test would be milk cartins because there verry thin and easy to cut especialy if u have poor form, and instead of hanging it from a string sit it on a stand and try to cut it from eithere high left or high right and u will probly get some better results.

Gd luck

Sucks to be me
by: Kazuma

So I bought this sword at $100US figuring I'd give the guy some business, not doing my homework on the sword (though I did know it was a $59.99 sword.). The sword cut the box well. However, after about three cuts (3 mind you.) the kashira came apart, and so did the ito. I was mad that I had to retie the ito and superglue the damn sword kashira back on to make it nice. It's a crap sword and not even worth the $60 even.

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