Bushido 'Wind Dragon' Limits

by Kaiji
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

QUESTION: Well, my question is a simple one. How far can I take my 'Wind Dragon' sword? What I am trying to say is, what is the limit of this jewel? How much damage can it take? How far have you taken yours?

I just want to know if going into my garden and chopping branches of trees (joking of course) would do anything to this sword. I am really bad at phrasing my questions as you can see, but if you have anything to say to this, please enlighten me with your knowledge.

Thankful in advance,
Maeda Kaiji
Toronto, Canada

ANSWER: Hi Kaiji,

Personally - I never took it any further than the tests shown on my site. While I have every confidence in this particular sword, I generally only 'push' swords for the sake of destructive testing - but I'm sure you know this already.

It cuts tatami and waterbottles very well, which is really all you could ask of from a Katana. Some light 'pruning' in the garden is fine, but I would never really go any further with a sword in this price range. Simply too many variables from batch to batch.


- Paul

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I see, thanks
by: Kaiji

Well, this sword is for a very smal present, originally meant for a simple display, but after seeing its capabilities, I think my friend is going to like it even more now. Guess Im sort of spreading my heritage hehe. Just wanted to know what to tell him if he ever wants to go smack stuff outside with it :D.

Ive taken a few high grade swords through some tough stuff, and the worst damage was from a steel bar (very tiny flat spot on the sharp edge, easily fixed). Stupid I know, I was young at the time, and didn't appreciate the blades as I do now. The relevance of this is, the friend I got this sword for wants to basically practice some simple cutting in his backyard, I'm sure he will be fine with just cutting mats.

Thank you for your fast answer, I really appreciate it.

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