by Cort

i'm pretty sure i've got the first sword. i got it from swords.com for less than $50 including shipping.... it looks nice and it's better constructed than the a bunch of the other wall hanging swords out there. i haven't tried to cut anything yet though because i don't have/know how to oil it... so do you think either of them would cut better if they were sharpened?

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Bushido swords
by: Anonymous

Some one needs to test them. Oil is only care of blades. The stones are wet stones with diffrent grits that you sharpen blades with, they do not absolutly need oil with sharpening but rather oil to maintane the swords protection against humidity and acids from your skin. You need to study the stone sharpening way. The inernet will have this information someware you just need to search for it. There are serten angles to keep in mind while you sharpen. at this phone number these guys can give you a site wich shows you diffrent angles and sword care 727-329-9679 they do have a site they are based in the state of florida the name is Toyama Ryu. hope you get your Bushido cutting. JD

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