Buying Katana

by Jim

QUESTION: Hi Paul. Thank you for reposting your answer, It sucks that they won't come back with anything that is related to the lamination of the katana, such as the Higo. But if you do hear anything please update us about it. Anyway, I have another question. I'm thinking about buying the kaze from your site, which I've also bought the Tenchi from. I was wondering, when I order from your SBG store, do you personally have them in stock? Or do you get our order and send it to Mr. Chen himself in his store and then he sends it from his warehouse? I just wanted to know so I would know how long it would take for shipping. Again thank you for everything and especially for having the tenchi katana sent right away without difficulty. Good day sir!


Yeah, I know about the Higo. I really liked that sword too... :-(

Anyway, with regards to the SBG Sword Store - everything is shipped from the Cheness warehouse. There really isn't a delay to speak of, the order comes in - I pay Cheness and off it goes!

At worst, it might be a one day delay, but that is at worst...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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